Get the Step-By-Step Training to Confidently Make the SOCIAL VIDEOS You Need Right Now to Get More Customers, Increase Your Online Presence, & Grow Your Business!

(Spoiler: This doesn't require hiring any expensive videographers or buying tons of unnecessary equipment.)

"I'll help you completely eliminate feeling like you're "too awkward" on your videos...100% Guaranteed."

“Marketers who use video grow revenue

49% faster than those who don't." - Forbes

Using Video Gives You Leverage:

  • Using video quickly builds the "know, like & trust" factor with your audience and customers, when they trust you, they're more likely to purchase from you.

  • Using your phone to create video gives you the ability to look like you have a high-quality marketing team on your side without the overhead, the fancy equipment or the graphic design degree.

  • 90% of customers said that product video helped them make buying decisions, while 64% said watching a video made them more likely to buy. (Forbes) Stop leaving customers on the table.

  • ​Get out of your own way and get the support that you need to create video, start elevating your sales and stand out against the competition of 2022.

Here’s what 

My students are saying...

Keren - Author & Book Publishing Coach

Simon - Denver Business Coach

Lara Beulow - Life Coach

Sarah Hansen - Ceramics Artists

Julia - YouTube Creator & Influencer

"Going in, I knew nothing about making videos or where to start and now I have a weekly video that I make. The class was hands on and very helpful. I highly recommend it if you are looking to get started!"

Jenny - Owner, Usaj Realty

"Heather is one of the best video editors so I had to take her class to learn some of her secrets. This is an excellent class for someone who has interest in making better quality videos without having to learn a ton about video. It's easy to understand and to apply. This class is full of tips and techniques in addition to hands-on experience. I will be way more comfortable making videos going forward!"

Yanna - Owner, Fun Gift Boxes

"I'm a small business owner and this class was incredibly helpful. Heather navigates through an inexpensive app that can really up your video game, which is important for all marketing goals... I now know how to add music, text, branding, etc. to my videos. She's a great teacher: laid back, organized and interested in upping your skills. 

Totally recommend this!"

Erin- Owner, Denver Graffiti Tour

"While the topic at first seemed daunting, 

after this class, you will know exactly what to do and not be intimidated about video editing and growing your business."

Jamie - Owner, KinetikChain Denver

"I'm taking this course and it is FABULOUS. Not only is Heather a natural at teaching, all of the info is easy to understand and implement. I am learning SO MUCH! Take the course, everyone. You'll see."

Donna Deteau - Owner, Elevate Your Spark

"The video content connects in a better way to the types of people that we want. Better than words on a page, or some random ad on Google™. We've seen real results with it. I highly recommend working with Heather to develop your own video content to reach the people that you want to work with!"

James Carlson

Hi, I'm Heather...

As a video professional of 20 years, I know video. I learned how to create video using big, expensive, clunky gear. The worst part of production is always lugging all that stuff around!

When smartphones hit the scene with nice cameras (that kept getting nicer) it became clear that some seriously great video could be made using a phone. Brilliant! So, I personally started using my phone more to shoot video, and decided to teach others how to do the same.

I took what I knew from years of professional experience and adapted my knowledge to specifically using your phone’s camera. You really can make great video with this one amazing tool!

If you've felt any of these when it came to using video in your business...

Shameful because you know you’ve lost money by not using video…

You just don’t know where to start with video creation…

You're scared to step in front of a camera...

You’ve tried to create video before and failed miserably...

You can’t afford to pay for a professional to make your video...

You’re ready to take your marketing to the next level with video…

This is 100% FOR YOU!

What You'll learn Inside Phone Video 101:

Camera Brave: 

Go from camera shy to camera BRAVE with this fun section full of practical tips about how to look and feel your best before hitting record.


In this in depth section, you’ll learn from A to Z every step of editing to put a complete video together. And all you need is your phone!

Filming Tricks of the Trade:

Learn about camera movements and distances that will professionalize your production instantly. Learn how to use light, sound and stability to really wow your viewers.

All About Instagram™ Video:

There are 3 different types of video you can create for the platform. This module shows you the differences between each type and exactly how to create each one. LOTS ABOUT REELS IN HERE! Step up your marketing game by joining the millions of people using this powerful video platform on a daily basis!

Rules of Composition:

Learn how to compose any shot (video or photo) to be aesthetically pleasing to viewers.

Content Creation for Social:

Learn WHAT type of videos to make that are proved to work for you on social media. You'll come away with unlimited content ideas for your own specific niche!

Phone Video 101 Includes:

  • Phone Video 101 Course - 12 Straight-To-The-Point, Fluff-Free Training Modules. ($1,997 Value)
  • Phone Video Toolkit ($143 Value)
  • Teleprompter & Caption Secrets ($197 Value)
  • The Perfect Setup Cheat Sheet ($75 Value)
  • BONUS COURSE: All About Instagram Video ($197 Value)
  • BONUS Module: “Behind The Scenes” Watch Every Single Step ($1,043 Value)
  • BONUS: Access To My Private Network of Video Editors ($175 Value)
  • BONUS: Personal "Getting Started" 1:1 Consultation Call ($397 Value)
  • BONUS: Personalized 1:1 Video Review ($497 Value)
  • BONUS COMMUNITY: Private Small Business Video Networking Group ($745 Value)

Plus, You'll Get Lifetime Membership AND First Access to New Content I Release In The Course.


**Or 2 Monthly Payments of $207**

**Or 3 Monthly Payments of $147**

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My Personal Guarantee:

If you complete the entire program, including the personalized video review, and still don’t feel like you have the clarity and confidence to produce high quality videos with JUST your phone… I’ll give you every penny back. No questions asked.

Heather Hukari - Video Service Hub LLC

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